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If your energy bill is higher than usual, and you're not on Average Billing, it is likely due to one or more of these reasons: 

1. Your billing period has changed.

If your bill is higher than usual, check the billing period dates for that cycle. We do our best to provide you with a consistent billing period of about 1-month. But, sometimes, there are delays in receiving consumption information from the distribution company. These delays can result in a longer billing period. 

More days in the billing period will show more consumption, increasing your energy, administration, distribution and government charges. Also, if this is a final bill or if there is a missing invoice, the billing period may be longer than usual.

2Extreme hot or cold weather

Exceptionally cold or hot periods during the year lead to more energy usage. A typical residential customer during January consumes 20 GJ per month. However, extraordinary cold spells coupled with more time spent at home could typically contribute to higher usage than that estimate.

We turn up our furnaces or air conditioning units to stay comfortable! Cold temperatures will have an impact on both electricity and natural gas bills. However, hot temperatures are likely only to impact electricity bills as the furnace doesn't run during these times.

3. Distribution charge increases

When you use more energy, not only will your energy charges increase, but your distributor charges will also increase. This increase is because transmission and distribution charges have a variable component. Therefore, the more energy you use, the higher they will be. For natural gas bills, higher usage will also result in a higher Federal Carbon Tax because the government charges it per GJ.

4Increased energy consumption

With colder weather, energy use generally increases. Your furnace must burn more natural gas to keep your home at the same temperature as on mild days. Electricity operates the furnace's fan, while electric heat and space heaters will also increase your electricity usage. Shorter days in the winter will also result in using the electric lights longer.

5Other changes that can increase energy consumption

Other changes in your home environment, like turning up the thermostat, running the AC more regularly, and adding or changing appliances (i.e. hot tub, electric fireplace, air conditioner), can increase consumption. In addition, having house guests or not keeping up with furnace maintenance and filter changes can result in higher energy bills. 

You can view our energy-saving tips here.

6. An increase in the price of natural gas or electricity

Even if your usage remains the same, regulated natural gas and electricity prices fluctuate monthly. Fluctuations can happen due to weather, increases or decreases in use, world events and supply and demand factors. 

If the commodity price increases while your usage remains constant, it will result in a higher bill. Remember that our rates are reviewed and approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission to ensure they are fair and set using our approved method.

You can easily transfer your services through your Online Account. Once you log in, you can either click the "Move or Transfer" button below your account overview. Or, you can click the menu and select "Move or Transfer Service" under "Manage Services" and follow the steps. 

Or, you can let us know you are moving by calling us at 1-866-420-3174. If you let us know about your move about one week before you move, we can transfer your account to your new address. Then it's one less thing you have to worry about!

If you haven't selected or are no longer receiving service from a different retailer or supplier for your natural gas or electricity services, Direct Energy Regulated Services automatically becomes your supplier. 

We purchase electricity and natural gas on your behalf in the competitive energy marketplace and supply it at a regulated rate that is reviewed and approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). As your supplier, we are also responsible for billing and customer service.

The RRO is the per kilowatt hour (kWh) electricity rate available from regulated rate providers, such as Direct Energy Regulated Services. The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates the RRO.  

The RRO is calculated according to a price-setting plan. It is reviewed and approved in advance of each month by the AUC. The RRO price reflects monthly, market-based prices, which may increase or decrease month-to-month due to market forces such as supply and demand. 

Are you on a fixed or variable rate plan? We have more FAQs specifically for Direct Energy customers.

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