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House covered in Christmas Lights House covered in Christmas Lights House covered in Christmas Lights

LED vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights: Which is better?

Planning to light up your home in Alberta for the holidays? If you are wondering whether it’s worth switching to LED holiday lights, we’ve put together a detailed comparison between LED and incandescent string lights to help you decide.

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Spring Home Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

Use our spring home maintenance & inspection checklist to ensure your home is in good shape after winter. .

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How Do You Winterize Trees & Shrubs?

Learn how to winterize your trees and shrubs to prepare for the cold winter season.

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How Do You Winterize a Garden?

Wondering how to winterize your garden and prepare it to withstand the elements? Learn the top 8 things to do to protect your flowers and plants.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Prep your grass for warmer weather with our spring lawn care tips. Your yard will be green and growing in no time!

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How to Winterize a House's Plumbing & Pipes

Do you need to winterize your house's plumbing? Direct Energy provides ideas on how to winterize pipes to keep you protected until spring.

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