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10 steps to winterizing your vacant summer home

Direct Energy offers tips on how to winterize a vacant home. Follow these 10 steps and enjoy peace of mind until spring.
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How to winterize an RV

Are you thinking about how to winterize an RV? Read the overview on winterizing an RV here from Direct Energy.
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Tips for preparing your home for an extended vacation

Planning the details of a much-needed vacation can be overwhelming, but, preparing your house for extended vacation should not be.
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10 winter heating tips to save energy

Check out our top 10 energy-saving tips to follow this winter. Learn how you might be able to save on energy and heating!
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3 summer cooling tips to save energy

Even if you're on-the-go, try these 3 tips to save energy during the summer!
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How to shop for an energy-efficient furnace

Keep these 6 criteria in mind when looking to purchase a new energy-efficient furnace for your home.
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Your average house temperature for winter

Learn how to adjust your thermostat to achieve the recommended house temperature during the winter.
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How to winterize your hot tub

Follow these steps to ensure your hot tub is properly winterized, protected from damage, and ready for another season of use!
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How to winterize a house

It's that time of year again. Winter is coming, so it's a good time to brush up on how to winterize your home.
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How to winterize a boat

Knowing how to winterize a boat can make a huge difference when you run it again in the spring. Direct Energy presents 10 steps for winterizing a boat thoroughly.
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How to reduce energy use and save money

There are several ways to conserve energy and save electricity.
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Holiday energy savings tips

Use our simple tips to be more energy-conscious while celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!
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Guide to choosing energy-efficient windows

Thinking about upgrading to energy-efficient windows? The experts at Direct Energy share how high-efficiency windows can help reduce heating & cooling costs year-round!
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Guide to choosing an energy-efficient fridge

ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators may be able to help reduce electricity use. Learn how to choose an energy-efficient fridge!
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8 home prep and energy saving tips before going on vacation

Before you rush out the door to go on holiday, don't forget to turn on "Vacation Mode" for your home.
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Energy-saving spring cleaning tips

Make your home more efficient and affordable by using ten energy-saving tips into your spring-cleaning routine.
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Year-round energy savings tips

Energy-saving tips can save you money and they may also conserve resources. Direct Energy provides you with energy-saving tips for the whole year.
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How to save energy in winter

The question of how to save energy in the winter is a relatively simple one to answer. Direct Energy brings you ideas to consider for keeping it warm inside.
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