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In Alberta, you can choose between a regulated or competitive provider to energize your home or business. 

Direct Energy Regulated Services is a regulated retailer. That means a government body called the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates our rates and services. First, the AUC approves our plans for setting our gas and electricity rates. Then, every month they ensure that our rates reflect market conditions and meet the requirements of those price-setting plans.   

Direct Energy is a competitive retailer that is able to set prices according to the market and offer different rate types and terms. That means DE can offer fixed-rate contracts for natural gas and electricity. In a fixed-rate plan, rates will not change during the contract term. 

Both energy solutions will provide natural gas and electricity to help power your home or business. However, they are different regarding signing up, contracts and rates. 

Read more about the differences between Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated Services.

The key differences between regulated and competitive energy services are the rates charged and the need for a contract.  

Competitive: Each company determines the rates they offer in a competitive energy service, setting prices based on their market strategy. Often, these plans require a contract.  

Regulated: Regulated rates are reviewed and approved by the  Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)  each month. As a result, customers can choose a regulated retailer without needing a contract. In addition, regulated providers become the default provider for customers not under a contract with a competitive retailer.

All Albertans can receive electricity or natural gas from their area's regulated energy service provider, such as Direct Energy Regulated Services. Or, you can choose a fixed-rate energy bundle with competitive retailers like Direct Energy.

To view a list of Alberta electricity and natural gas retailers, visit Or, call 310-4-UCA (310-4822), toll-free within Alberta or 780-644-5130 if you are outside Alberta.

An energy supplier is the same as an energy retailer. Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated Services are energy suppliers and retailers. Being a supplier and a retailer means we can purchase electricity and natural gas on our customers' behalf in the energy marketplace. With Direct Energy Regulated Services, we supply it at a regulated rate reviewed and approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and with Direct Energy, we provide competitive fixed-rate plans for longer term price protection. In addition, Direct Energy offers variable products with different terms and initiatives. Both companies also provide retail services, including billing and customer service.

An energy distributor, such as ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric, owns the infrastructure and distribution systems that transport natural gas or electricity to consumers' homes or businesses. With AUC approval, energy distributors set the delivery charge rates on the lower part of your bill. Distributors are also responsible for responding to emergencies or outages.

An energy distributor, such as ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric, owns the infrastructure and distribution systems that directly transport natural gas or electricity to consumers' homes or businesses. They own equipment like pipelines, wires, poles, and transformers that move the energy to you and convert it to a pressure or voltage that suits your needs. 

With AUC approval, energy distributors set the delivery charge rates on the lower part of your bill. Distributors are also responsible for connections, disconnections, and responding to emergencies or outages. 

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