Holiday energy savings tips

Updated on March 29, 2024

4-minute read

Holiday energy savings tips

Updated on March 29, 2024

4-minute read

'Tis the season for twinkly lights and decorations, delicious food, entertaining and spending time with loved ones! The holidays can be a magical time, but they also use a lot of energy.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a Scrooge to reduce energy use this holiday season. We’ve put together some tips to help you be a little more energy-conscious during the holidays.

Three people with colourful socks in front of fireplace
Three people with colourful socks in front of fireplace
Three people with colourful socks in front of fireplace

Lighting and decorations

Use LED lights.

Holiday lights and decorations use a lot of electricity. If you’re still stringing up those old incandescent Christmas lights, switch to LEDs. They use less energy, last longer and don’t produce as much heat. Upgrading all your Christmas lights might cost a little more, but you’ll see the benefit through long-term energy savings.

Opt for fibre optics.

Pre-lit, fibre optic trees and decorations use LED bulbs that use less energy than traditional incandescent lights. In addition, these little LEDs won’t shatter like conventional bulbs and are cool to the touch, reducing fire hazards.

Use a light timer.

Set timers to automatically turn your holiday lights on and off at the appropriate time. To reduce energy costs, program your timer to switch on the lights when it gets dark in the late afternoon and turn them off at bedtime. You can’t really see holiday lights during the daylight hours, and there’s no point in having them on when everyone is asleep!

Turn off the lights and enjoy the glow.

Set the holiday mood and conserve power by using the lights on your Christmas tree and other lights to light the room. If you’re relaxing at home, you might enjoy this mood lighting instead of using lamps and light fixtures.

If you have a fireplace, light it. The flickering glow from the flames can provide sufficient lighting and warm the room, too. Remember to close the flue when the fireplace is not used to ensure heat isn't escaping the chimney.

Choose some non-lit decorations.

Not every holiday decoration needs to be plugged in! Use reflective ornaments, battery-operated candles, festive ribbons, and garlands instead. These decorations will still provide a beautiful holiday glow without adding to your electric bill. These décor options will help you make your home’s interior festive and bright!  


Turn down the heat when entertaining.

Turn down the heat if you’re having a houseful of guests over for dinner! All those people in the house, plus having the oven and stove running, will heat things up. It will stop your furnace from kicking in unnecessarily and keep people more comfortable, too!

Light your fireplace.

Who doesn’t love a fireplace during the holidays? Not only do those flickering flames add ambiance to the festivities, but they will also help warm the room. Conserve that heat by closing doors in unused rooms.

Dress for festivities.

Whether it’s your favourite ugly sweater or the onesie PJs you received as a gift last year, this festival apparel is fun and warm! Keep cozy this holiday season in this winter wear so you don’t have to turn up the heat.

Holiday cooking

Keep lids on pots, and the oven door closed.

Food will cook faster and require less energy when you keep the lids on pots, and the oven door closed while cooking.  Use the oven light instead of opening the oven door to check the food. It takes the same energy to heat a full oven as a nearly empty one. You can make the most of the energy used by cooking or baking several dishes at once when possible. 

Use smaller appliances when possible.

You’ll need the oven for roasting that turkey, but you can use smaller appliances for other tasks! For example, use the microwave to melt chocolate for dipping and warming leftovers. Using a microwave instead of an oven can reduce energy usage by 50% or more.


Treat yourself to energy efficiency!

If upgrading your appliances is on your list this year, look for the ENERGY STAR symbol while shopping.  ENERGY STAR-certified products use up to 60% less energy than non-certified products. Visit ENERGY STAR Canada for more information.

Be an energy-savvy shopper.

Shop with energy saving in mind! Streamline your shopping trips or carpool to save energy on transportation. When choosing items, look for gifts with less packaging or packaging that is recyclable or made of natural products. If your gifts require batteries, buy rechargeable ones.

Person with festive socks in front of fire with box and book on table
Person with festive socks in front of fire with box and book on table
Person with festive socks in front of fire with box and book on table


If you’re heading out for the holidays, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home and save energy.

Turn off electronics and devices.

Electronics like TVs, gaming consoles and computers drain energy when plugged in. Even when they are in standby or sleep mode! These phantom energy loads can add up over time and increase your energy bills.

Turn down the heat.

Whether heading to Grandma’s for the holidays or on a winter getaway, turn down your thermostat before you go. Lowering the temperature a few degrees will ensure you’re not using and paying for unnecessary energy use!

Following these tips will reduce energy use, minimize your environmental impact, and save money. From our family at Direct Energy to yours, happy holidays!

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