10 Winter Heating Tips That May Conserve Energy

Winter is on its way to Alberta, and you need to get your home ready for it. So, if you're looking for home heating tips for winter, take a look at these 10 recommendations.

1. Take Advantage of the Sun

Make use of Mother Nature by opening your window covers during the day and allowing the sun to shine into your home. It may add some heat, and you'll enjoy the bucolic scenery of the white winter. Every little bit helps when it comes to adding warmth. So why not put the planet to use?

2. Seal Your Windows

No set of winter heating tips would be complete without a suggestion to keep cold air out of your home. One of the primary places where cold air enters the home is through the windows. Make sure your windows are properly sealed with no cracks or spaces. You may want to consider installing storm windows, caulking your window frames and placing a plastic coating over the windows.

3. Winterize Your Doors

Windows generally remain closed in the winter, but many doors still need to open and close all year round, regardless of the temperature outside. Much like windows, doors are a common pathway for cold air to enter and for warm air to escape. Make sure you have proper seals on your door frames so that there's no leakage. If there's a gap between the bottom of an exterior door and the floor, install a door sweep.

4. Reverse Your Fan Blades

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you likely appreciate the comfort they provide. A potentially useful home heating tip is to reverse the direction of the blades so they rotate clockwise during the winter months. According to EnergyStar.gov, doing so helps creates an updraft so the warm air on the ceiling gets pushed down through the room.

5. Seal Your Chimney

One of the more overlooked heating tips involves your fireplace. If you have one, make sure to closely inspect your chimney before it gets cold. Your chimney cap needs to be on tight and your flue needs to be sealed so there are no cracks for cold air to get in when the fire's not burning.

6. Minimize Use of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are used to remove steam and smoke from your home while you shower or cook. They keep the air in your house clean and clear by pushing the indoor air outside. Be mindful that during the winter, the warm air inside is escaping through the vents. Cold air tends to get in, so you should avoid using exhaust fans when it is not necessary.

7. Turn Down the Thermostat

One of the heating tips that can help you conserve energy is to get your body used to a lower temperature. The United States Department of Energy says, if you turn your thermostat down by about 5 to 8 degrees Celsius for a period of eight hours per day, you could save approximately 10 percent on your heating costs for the year. So, turn the thermostat down a bit before you go to sleep or head out for the day.

8. Maintain Your Furnace

Before winter arrives, replace the filter on your furnace and have a professional evaluate it to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. It's possible the furnace hasn't run for months, so having it looked at is recommended.

9. Heat Only the Rooms You Use

If you have rooms where people rarely enter, keep those doors and vents closed. If someone is going to use one of those rooms, simply open them and it should warm up quickly.

10. Program Your Thermostat

Eliminate the possibility of forgetting to turn down your thermostat. Program it ahead of time so that your set temperature automatically adjusts during certain times of the day. That'll eliminate the frustration of forgetting to adjust it when you're far away from home.

We are an Alberta energy company that works to provide our customers with information to help them with their energy needs. Overall, you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding heating tips to conserve energy in your home. Every home is different, with endless possibilities to become more energy efficient. If you’d like some help, you can always contact Direct Energy. Feel free to contact us at 866.374.6299 or contact us online.