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Working at Direct Energy

Across North America, Direct Energy has gained a reputation as an innovator for its work in facilitating and improving energy efficiency and home functionality.

Direct Energy is one of North America's largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy solutions. We've proudly served Alberta residential and business customers for over 20 years.

Direct Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

Work at Direct Energy

Company Culture

We hope you will ask, "What's it like to work at Direct Energy?" It's a typical question, no matter the level of your career. It's essential to understand your work environment and what your day-to-day will be like. Why? Because we want you to be happy, and every workplace offers its own unique culture.

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The Lay of the Land

From the CEO to entry-level employees, we host a friendly and inclusive environment. Whether working at the office or remotely, our teams openly collaborate to ideate and work efficiently.

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Focused Work Ethics

Direct Energy employees are passionate about their areas of expertise; they love what they do. Whether or not they have a background in energy, team members embrace our company's value propositions towards energy efficiency, innovation, and the future of homes.

It's easy to get excited about a company where you can be a contributor to fulfilling its brand's promise, and so employees have a dedicated daily focus and strong work ethic. Big-idea thinking is encouraged, and entrepreneurship is championed. Innovative employees equal innovative products and services for our customers.

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Employee Engagement

Did we mention we have fun? We will build a unified and inclusive culture, where a strong sense of belonging can lead to better collaboration and business performance.

When we feel we belong, we are more motivated and engaged. It significantly reduces stress levels and improves physical health, emotional well-being, and performance. We work together to cultivate a culture that engages every employee.

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Work/Life Balance

Direct Energy employees are encouraged to work hard, reach their goals, and respect their home life and family needs first and foremost. We're excited that our employees devote so much to our success. That same devotion is deserved for one's family and self.

We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset, and we're committed to supporting every aspect of their well-being — physical, emotional, and financial.

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Safety and Compliance

Lastly, but most importantly to our company values, are safety and compliance. It's our number one priority. We have employees in the field, in vehicles, and more. Our dedicated work groups consistently gather feedback and activate better ways to work so that every employee feels safe and confident.

Current Career Opportunities

We are always seeking qualified candidates for employment within our company, and since we're one of the largest providers of electricity and natural gas in the United States and Canada, there's plenty of room to grow with us.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Direct Energy, we're committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. As an organization, we must reflect the diverse communities served by our family of brands. We are committed to placing equality, diversity, care, and respect at the heart of our policies and the everyday practices of our employees.

Our vision is to employ a rich and diverse mix of people who reflect the societies in which we work and ensure that our business continues to positively impact our colleagues, communities, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Employee Networks

Every day, we are actively constructing new initiatives to foster an appreciation for individuality and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Each initiative, from Employee Networks to cultural education opportunities, is part of our Diversity & Inclusion program. We also sponsor and partner with other organizations, striving for equality and respect for all people.

Direct Energy employees are welcome to join NRG's employee-led business resource groups. These groups allow for networking and collaboration across organizations based on common interests.

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What our Interns have to say...

  • I can easily say that one of my favorite aspects of my internship was the connections I formed.

    Talia Dube Headshot
  • Direct Energy has a diversified culture as well as a good presence in North America.

    Asitkumar Chaurasia headshot
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