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Direct Energy is your reliable Alberta energy supplier. We provide natural gas plans and competitive electricity rates in Fox Creek.

We work hard for more than 4 million customers across the United States and Canada, striving to earn their trust every day. Even though we're among the biggest residential energy retailers in North America, we provide big-business know-how without sacrificing the care you'd expect from a hometown energy provider.

Direct Energy is your reliable go-to resource, no matter what you need. We have an abundance of specialized offerings across North America for you to choose from. Make smarter decisions, be more efficient and reduce your energy use with the insights we provide to you.

If you didn't think there was a perfect energy plan for you, think again!

There's more to life than worrying about your energy bill! In Fox Creek, you could be spending your time cycling at the bike park. We want you to focus on the stunning natural beauty surrounding your Playground of Opportunity, not your energy bill. Our competitive rates and reliable service mean it's always recess! You don't need to stress about your home energy bill because with products and prices that are right for your home and your budget, Direct Energy has you covered. We offer a wide range of plans, from electricity and natural gas bundles to a fixed rate, which means your rate will remain untouched if changing seasons cause prices to jump.

You can count on competitive electricity and natural gas rates and outstanding customer service with all of our plans, but those aren't the only benefits you get to take advantage of. Better understand your monthly energy bill by logging into our Online Account Manager. Pay your bill, view usage history, set up billing preferences and more - from any device! No matter what your energy needs are, we provide the knowledge and tools to help you become more energy savvy and manage your electricity and natural gas bills. Check out our Learning Centre to learn about energy in Alberta and get energy efficiency tips to help you control your energy costs.

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Direct Energy is not your average energy company.

Our mission is to supply our customers in the area with the resources and tools they need to make good energy choices.

An array of resources are at your disposal! Just head to our Learning Centre.

Don't settle for any standard energy company when you can have one that goes above and beyond and is dedicated to you and your home's needs. Take control of your energy use by making Direct Energy your energy provider today.

Experience the difference when you sign up for Direct Energy.

Are you switching Fox Creek providers? Or maybe you need new service? We make it simple. And if you're trying to decide between energy providers, learning more about the perks of being a Direct Energy customer will make your decision easy. It doesn't matter if you want the stability of a fixed rate or the freedom of a smart home bundle, we have the plan that suits your needs. We even make paying your bill stress-free, with options to pay your bill online, review usage history, and manage your billing preferences in our easy-to-use Online Account Manager!

There are a few things you can always count on, no matter which plan you choose for your Fox Creek home - like fixed rates and great customer service! Great customer service is not always a given when it comes to energy companies, but it is for us! Signing up with Direct Energy means exemplary customer support that is always available to you when you need it most. We have everything you need to live smarter. Get started with Direct Energy today.