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Green Made Easy

Help Support A Cleaner Tomorrow

When it comes to saving our planet, every little bit helps. Selecting a Green Option from Direct Energy is an easy way to contribute to renewable sources.
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Green Energy Benefits

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  • Support environmentally friendly renewable energy projects.

  • Help fund new green energy projects.

  • Easy add on to any electricity plan or energy bundle (natural gas + electricity plan). You can also remove it from your plan at any time.

  • No exit fees

How It Works

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    Select an electricity or energy bundle plan and term that best suits your needs.


    You have the option to pick your percentage of Green energy and add it to any electricity plan or energy bundle with an incremental fee per month.

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    Tell us where you want your energy plan setup. (address + site ID)

A Cleaner Tomorrow

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  • Direct Energy will purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from various sources.

  • By purchasing RECs, you are supporting environmentally friendly renewable energy projects. Energy plans that support renewable energy projects help slow down the environmental impacts of conventional, fossil fuel generated electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Energy FAQ

Renewable electricity is electricity generated from resources that occur naturally and that can be replenished or renewed in a human lifespan, such as: moving water, wind, sunlight, etc.

Yes, you can change the percentage of Green Option or completely remove it at any time. You can do this by calling us at 1-866-374-6299.

A REC, Renewable Energy Certificate, represents the environmental attribute of 1,000 kWh of electricity injected onto the grid from a renewable resource. When renewable electricity generators such as hydro, solar and wind inject renewable electricity into the grid, they have the rights to sell their certificates.

Once you select your Green Option (25%, 50% or 100% green), Direct Energy will purchase and retire a percentage, based on your selection, of 7,200 kWh of RECs per year. 7,200 kWh represents the average annual residential customer electricity usage in Alberta. The monthly green fee will contribute to the purchase of the RECs.

RECs represent the environmental benefit of electricity generated from renewable resources. By choosing Green, represented by the RECs, customers are able to signal a demand to the market for renewable generation leading to increased investment. RECs provide an incentive for investors to fund future renewable generation helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable electricity generators can use the money raised through the sale of RECs to support their facilities and invest in new green generation facilities.

The Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are purchased from a variety of sources across Canada.

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