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General Questions FAQs

General Questions Frequently Asked Questions for North America, General Questions

General Questions FAQs

  • What is the role of my local utility company?

    Your local utility company delivers the electricity that flows into your home. The utility company is responsible for the lines, poles, pipes, meters, power outages, repairs, and other issues with how energy gets to your home....

  • What kind of energy sources does Direct Energy use?

    Direct Energy purchases power generated from a variety of sources including natural gas, coal, and nuclear. For our customers who choose a green plan or the "Make It Green" option, we purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)...

  • What is Renewable Energy?

    Also known as Green Energy, Renewable Energy is electricity generated by naturally sustainable fuel sources instead of being generated from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, etc.) or nuclear technology. Examples of renewable energy...

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