Direct Energy Products and Services Frequently Asked Questions for North America, Direct Energy Products and Services

Direct Energy Products and Services FAQs

  • How does Direct Energy's Free Power Saturday Plan work?

    You will NOT be charged for your electric supply consumption on Saturdays for the entire contract term of your agreement. From Sunday to Friday, you will be charged a fixed electricity rate, so you can move your weekday household...

  • What kinds of plans are available from Direct Energy?

    At Direct Energy, we believe in providing customers with energy choice. Therefore, we offer many plans to meet the needs of your home and family. This includes fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, plans with 100% renewable energy,...

  • What is the Cancellation Fee or Early Termination Fee for my plan?

    If you cancel your Direct Energy electricity or natural gas service before your contract term expires, you may be assessed a cancellation or early termination fee. This fee is based upon the term length of your contract and your...

  • What is the Peak Savings Plan?

    Our Peak Savings plan offers you the chance to pay one fixed rate when energy usage cycles are high and a reduced fixed rate when energy usage cycles are lower. During the busiest parts of the day when everyone is using the most...

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