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Hive FAQs

Hive Frequently Asked Questions for Alberta, Hive

Hive FAQs

  • Do I need a smartphone to have Hive?

    No, but without a smartphone you won't be able to use the Hive app and experience Hive products to their fullest. If you don't have smartphone or tablet, you can control your Hive products from your desktop in your Hive dashboard....

  • Can the Hive Hub use a wireless connection to connect to the internet?

    No, your Hive Hub needs to be physically connected to your Internet router using a network cable (like the one provided with your Hub) to allow you to control your Hive products remotely.

  • Does Hive come with a warranty?

    Yes, Hive comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Can I cancel my energy agreement with Direct Energy by returning my Hive devices?

    No, if you choose to cancel your energy enrollment after your rescission period has passed but before the end of your initial contract term, you cannot return your Hive devices to avoid any applicable early termination fee. Your...

  • What do I need to have before I can start using Hive?

    To use any of the Hive products, you will need the following: An existing Internet connection; and A router with a spare ethernet port connection and an extra power supply close to your Internet router. If you want to use...

  • How do I get the app for Hive on my smartphone?

    The Hive app is available for Android and iOS users. You can also get a Hive app to use on Kindle Fire.

  • Are Hive products secure?

    We have strict security measures in place to protect your personal information and access to your system. This includes following robust procedures and encrypting communication with our website and mobile apps using industry standard...

  • What does the Tuneable Hive Active Light do?

    The Tuneable Hive Active Light is a smart light bulb can be changed from a cool blue to warm white tone to fit the needs of its surroundings. It can also be dimmed and controlled from your mobile device, tablet or laptop. You...

  • How do I set up my Hive Active Plug?

    The Hive Active Plug is easy to install and simply replaces an open outlet in your home. The plug pairs to your Hive Hub and gives you control of your household appliances from the Hive app. To get started, follow the steps shown...

  • What does the Hive Active Plug do?

    The Hive Active Plug gives you the ability to power your household electric appliances and make them controllable from your mobile device. Simply plug it into an open outlet in your home and use it like a normal outlet. You can...

  • How do I set up my Hive Active Light?

    The Hive Active Light is easy to install and simply replaces your existing light bulb. It pairs to your Hive Hub and gives you control of your lights from the Hive app. To get started, follow the steps shown in the user guide...

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