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High Bill Frequently Asked Questions for Alberta, High Bill

High Bill FAQs

  • I'm on the budget billing plan and my bill has increased. Will this continue to happen?

    Budget billing is a great plan to help your bill amount remain consistent each month. There are a few possible reasons which may cause a change in your budget amount. Please keep in mind the following examples that may impact...

  • Why has my bill increased so much from last month?

    A typical residential customer during the month of January consumes 20 GJ per month. The extraordinary cold spell (Jan. 1- Jan. 13) coupled with more time spent at home during the holiday season could typically contribute to higher...

  • Why are the distributor charges so high?

    ATCO Gas' costs for transmission and delivery (T&D) have both a fixed and variable component, based on usage and are the largest portion of a customer's bill. In the winter, they can be up to 65% of the total cost. The Carbon...

  • I can't afford this bill. Are there any options for me?

    Absolutely! Direct Energy supports our customers and offers several ways to assist with managing your balance. We offer: Payment Arrangements (Online account management / automated system) Payment extension (Online account...

  • How can I lower my energy consumption?

    We have several energy efficiency tips we can share with you. Visit our Learning Centre where you can find energy efficiency tips for all seasons, as well as ideas on how to improve your home's energy efficiency. Your distributor...

  • How did the Carbon Levy charge affect my bill?

    The Carbon Levy was an initiative as part of the Government of Alberta's 2017 Climate Leadership Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the initiative, the Alberta government introduced a levy on the price of all...

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