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You have the power to choose your energy supplier in Innisfail, Alberta, so why not choose the company that offers the tools and technology to help you save energy.

Similar to how the Library and Learning Centre and Innisfail Arena are important to Hinton, Direct Energy can be a must-have partner in your home, providing you several energy choices suited for your family and lifestyle.

Choosing your energy provider isn't always easy, but we can help! Find out why Direct Energy has already won the business of more than 4 million home and business customers across the United States and Canada. Don't worry about our size. We may be one of the largest residential energy retailers in North America, but we provide big-business know-how without giving up the care you'd expect from a neighbourhood energy provider.

Direct Energy is there for you. With plenty of specially-designed offerings across the United States and Canada, we are your reliable go-to resource. We empower you with simple tools to track, understand and control the electricity and natural gas you use.

If you didn't think there was a perfect energy plan for you, think again!

Why waste time thinking about your home energy bill, when you could be enjoying a stage production at the Innisfail Town Theatre? Life is better in Innisfail, and so are Direct Energy's affordable energy rates and reliable service! We're here to help power your home and make life easier. Direct Energy eases your mind. We have the products and prices that are right for your home and your budget, because you shouldn't have to worry about your energy usage. There is a wide variety of plans available to you, from electricity and natural gas bundles to a fixed rate, which grants you a rate that won't change with the seasons.

You can count on competitive pricing and exceptional customer service with all of our plans, and there are more perks where those came from. Now that you've picked out your perfect plan, you can manage your energy usage, check out exclusive offers and more with our Online Account Manager. It is your all-access pass to managing your account. Want to be more energy-savvy? We offer the knowledge and tools to help you accomplish your goal. Browse through our Learning Centre to learn about energy in Alberta and get energy-efficiency tips to help you manage your energy expenses.

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Direct Energy is not your typical energy supplier in Innisfail, Alberta.

Our commitment as an energy provider is to provide our customers in the area with the tools and resources to understand and manage their energy usage.

Extensive resources are at your disposal! Just head to our Learning Centre. Direct Energy is dedicated to helping you take care of your home and understand and manage your energy use. We can even give you tips on maintaining your furnace so you're not left out in the cold!

Don't settle for what's standard. Choose an energy provider in your town that's dedicated to you and your home's needs. Take control of your Alberta energy bills every month by making Direct Energy your energy provider.

See the difference when you sign up for Direct Energy.

Are you changing Innisfail providers? Or maybe you need new service? We make it a stress-free process. And if you're trying to decide between energy suppliers, learning more about the benefits of being a Direct Energy customer will make things crystal clear. Looking for a plan with the freedom of a smart home bundle? Or maybe you like the stability of a fixed rate. No matter what your ideal plan looks like, we have the one for you. We even offer you a way to simplify the process of paying your bill. Check out our Online Account Manager by logging into your account!

The same plan is not the best for everyone, but all customers have some things they can count on - like fixed rates and great customer service! We provide you with great customer service every day! Direct Energy and exceptional customer support go hand-in-hand, and that support is always available when you need it. Direct Energy has everything you need to live smarter, so don't waste any time. Sign up today!