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Ceiling Fan Installation, Replacement and Repairs

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With energy costs constantly on the rise, there has never been a better time to install a ceiling fan in your home. Ceilings fans are far more energy-efficient than most window AC units or central air systems, and the right fan can actually add to your home's aesthetic appeal.

I'd like to get more air movement in my home.

At Direct Energy Home Services, we can install a ceiling fan in just about any room of your home. We will recommend the right ceiling fan based on your room's size and layout. Whether you're looking to replace an existing fan or install a new one, the team at Direct Energy Home Services is up to the task.

A Variety of Styles

Many styles of ceiling fans have been developed over the years in response to different factors such as growing energy-consciousness and changes in decorating styles. Some of the more popular ceiling fan styles are:

Stack-motor ceiling fans – Stack-motor fans employ a powerful, energy-efficient motor, and are far less expensive to operate than air conditioning. With this design, the fan's blades are mounted on a central hub, known as a flywheel. The flywheel can be made of either metal or reinforced rubber and can be mounted either flush with the fan's motor housing (concealed) or prominently below the fan's motor housing (known as a "dropped flywheel").

Direct-drive ceiling fans – Direct-drive ceiling fans have become the standard for today's fans. They employ a motor with a stationary inner core inside a shell that revolves around it (commonly called a "spinner" motor); the blades attach to this shell. While direct-drive styles are the least expensive ceiling fans, they are also the most prone to failure and noise generation.

Belt-driven ceiling fans - The first ceiling fans used a water-powered system of belts to turn the blades of fan units (which consisted of nothing more than blades mounted on a flywheel). For period-themed decor, a few companies have created reproduction belt-drive fan systems. The reproductions replace the water-powered motor with an electric version as the dirving force.

Cast-iron ceiling fans - Relics of a bygone era, a cast-iron fan utilizes a very heavy-duty oil-bath motor. These fans must be oiled periodically, usually once or twice a year. Because these fans are so sturdily built, and due to their utter lack of electronic components, it is not uncommon to see cast-iron fans operating for eighty years or more.

Fan Wobbling

Wobbling is caused by the fan blades being out of weight-alignment with each other, not by the way the fan is mounted. This can happen due to a variety of factors, including warped blades, bent blade irons, blades or blade irons not being screwed on straight, blades being different weights or shapes or sizes (minute differences matter), and so on.

Although wobbling will not cause a ceiling fan to fall, it can be a nuisance. Ceiling fans are secured by clevis pins locked with cotter pins, so wobbling won't impact on the fan's security. Having Direct Energy Home Services handle your ceiling fan repair needs will ensure your peace of mind.